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Hope Restored is a non-skilled clinical Agency. We are looking to fill the positions of Office Registered Nurse?[RN] and Field Registered Nurse?[RN].

The RN will be responsible for all the Agency?s medical activities.


Registered Nurse Qualification:

  • The Registered Nurse [RN] must be fully licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.
  • The RN must have at least two years? recent experience in the direct care of the elderly and/or disabled adults.

Registered Nurse Responsibilities:

The RN will be required to?

  • complete the MDS-HC and other nursing assessments for our clients
  • coordinate all other applicable clinical assessments
  • ensure that all the necessary documentation from the member?s physician and other service providers are in place and in current status including the following:

(i) ???the physician?s authorization for AFC;

(ii) ??the member?s medical history;

(iii) ?evidence and results of visit to member?s physician within the past 3months;

(iv) ?evidence and results of physical examination given within the past 12 months.

If the individual has been hospitalized in the preceding three months, a complete

discharge summary may be used to fulfill the physical examination requirement;

(v) ???list of current medications, treatments, and other services provided;

(vi) ??statement of special dietary requirements;

(vii) ?statement indicating any contraindications or limitations to the individual?s


  • conduct care-orientation/training for each health-caregiver before s/he begins personal care and providing ongoing training to caregivers on health and aging
  • recommend other services when applicable
  • develop and review on an ongoing basis each member?s AFC plan of care
  • ensure compatibility of care-giver to client, train, evaluate and supervise him/her in conjunction with the care manager
  • monitor the health status of all clients to ensure that all needed health care [AFC-GAFC-HC] services are professionally and promptly delivered

conduct on-site visits according to the member?s AFC level:

  • complete nursing progress notes corresponding with each on-site visit/encounter
  • submit a semiannual health-status report to the client-member?s primary care Physician
  • plan for and implement discharges from the AFC-GAFC programs in accordance with statutory provisions
  • Visits:
    1. for Level I clients, the visit must be conducted on the day of admission by the RN or care manager. Visits may alternate with care manager at the qualified setting bimonthly
    2. for Level II clients, the visit must be conducted by the RN on the day of admission, the start-of-service and weekly for the first 30 days. Bi-monthly visits may alternate with the care manager at the qualified setting or as often as the member?s condition warrants
  • report and properly document changes in the health status of any member to the member?s physician
  • periodically review AFC caregiver logs


Discharge Procedures:

The RN shall be required to do the following as part of the discharge procedures for members of the AFC-GAFC programs?

  • member may be discharged upon his/her request
  • s/he may also be discharged when s/he ceases to benefit from AFC, including the following circumstances:
    1. The member no longer meets the clinical criteria for MassHealth payment for AFC
    2. The member demonstrates behavioral or other problems that may endanger himself or herself, the caregiver or any other Agency staff; or
    3. The member?s needs can no longer be met by the Agency.
  • For all discharges, the Agency RN must:
    1. develop a discharge plan. The discharge plan must include
      1. the date and reason for discharge
      2. identify referrals to other appropriate service providers for any health or social services required by the client-member
  • arrange for the client-member to be discharged to an appropriate health-care setting where continuity of needed care will be ensured
  1. require at least one follow-up telephone call within 30 business days after discharge to determine the member?s post-discharge status and condition
  2. coordinate the discharge with the member, member’s family or legal guardian, and staff of the program or agency to which the member is to be transferred; and
  3. not discharge the member until appropriate alternative services are available
  • discharge plan must be dated and signed by the RN and the care manager


Applications with resumes and copies of certifications must be marked for the attention of the Executive Director and mailed/submitted to:

Hope Restored Human Services

1245 Hancock Street, Suite 19

Quincy, MA 02169

P.S. Only serious and shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview.

For questions or clarifications, please call us at 617-328-1340 or 617-328-1431. We hope you become a contributing member to our compassionate and efficient team.

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